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Fat Jokes & Diet Jokes Humor / Humour - Index.

Call them what you will : Fat Jokes, Weight Loss Jokes, Diet Jokes, Dieting Jokes, Obesity Jokes; or conversely Fat Humor, Weight Loss Humor, Diet Humor, Dieting Humor or Obesity Humor, the simple fact remains: Obesity is no laughing matter. There comes a time, though, when the overweight and the obese just have to find a funny side to life as an emotional coping mechanism.

My mother, for example, used to blame her overweight on soap. The oils in soap, Mom maintained, seeped in through the pores of her skin, causing the layers of fat underneath.

No, she didn't seriously believe that soap did that at all. It was just Mom's light-hearted way of coping with her problem, using weight loss jokes.

In this section (to which we'll regularly add new jokes), we'll look at a range of (non-degrading) jokes and humor relating to dieting, weight loss and obesity. A bit of humor might just help you cope with your obesity, weight loss or dieting stresses, too.

Weight Loss, Dieting and Obesity

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Weight Loss, Dieting and Obesity

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