Weight Loss, Dieting & Obesity

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Weight Loss, Dieting and Obesity. Helping You Lose Weight Sensibly.

Trevor Johnson talks about weight loss, dieting and obesity and how to lose weight sensibly.

Welcome to DietWords.com. I'm Trevor Johnson. More than twenty years of my adult life have been consumed with the struggle to lose weight. Obesity and over weight have plagued me and regular dieting and many diet plans have failed to provide effective long term weight loss. Have you ever wondered whether dieting to lose weight is the best way to approach an obesity problem? Anecdotally, people of or near normal body weight have little trouble losing weight as they will, but weight loss solutions for the obese are far more complicated.

I am well educated to Masters Degree level with extensive professional and academic research experience in commerce and applied finance fields. That may not immediately sound relevant to the field of weight loss, dieting and obesity studies, but what exactly is?

How many general medical practitioners really understand weight loss? Very few have ever studied nutrition or exercise sciences or psychology and are therefore less than equipped to fully advise on sensible weight loss and dieting. The emphasis of 'conventional medicine' on drug and surgical approaches for weight loss to treat obesity and overweight more commonly shows the limitations of conventional medicine in providing healthy permanent solutions to chronic conditions, such as the need for the obese to lose weight sensibly, safely and permanently.

Where is an over weight or obese person to turn when they realise they need weight loss help, when they realise that dieting and weight loss are not synonymous terms? Are there any "one size fits all" diet plan solutions to weight loss? Why are there so many weight loss products, diet plans, weight loss spas and clinics, exercise programs, education programs, and yet overweight and obesity are increasing as problems among the populations of the developed world just as fast as the "solutions" appear?

DietWords.Com is based on my twenty-five-plus years of personal experience in the field of over weight and obesity along with my extensive professional skills in research and analysis. I have devoted myself to seeking out the answers to these any many other related questions to assist you lose weight sensibly. DietWords.Com seeks to bring you the truth about weight loss, dieting, over weight and obesity in as unbiased and honest a way as can be. DietWords.com is your source for weight loss education.

The glib cliches & myths, the commercial exploitation of the vulnerable, the professional vested interests, the valid approaches and the frauds, what works (for some) and what doesn't work at all - you'll find reasoned, rational facts about healthy dieting, weight loss, and losing weight sensibly to educate and help the over weight and the obese here at DietWords.com.

Weight Loss, Dieting and Obesity

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Weight Loss, Dieting and Obesity

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